Translation cart

The translation cart can collect multiple source items of different types which are meant for translation into a list. The list then provides functionality to request translation of the items into multiple target languages.

Each source can easily plug into the cart system utilising the tmgmt_add_cart_form() on either the source overview page as well as the translate tab.


./tmgmt.api.php, line 214
Hooks provided by the Translation Management module.


Namesort descending Location Description
tmgmt_add_cart_form ./tmgmt.module Adds add to cart form elements.
tmgmt_cart_get ./tmgmt.module Returns the cart service.
tmgmt_cart_source_overview_validate ./tmgmt.module Cart form validation callback for the source overview.
tmgmt_source_add_to_cart_submit ./tmgmt.module Submit handler to add items into the cart.


Namesort descending Location Description
JobItemCart src/JobItemCart.php Represents a job item cart.