Style configuration

Each module can have its own styles for paragraphs defined a YAML based configuration schema. Style definition can be discovered by prefixing config by the name of module and end up filename with ''.

paragraphs_collection_demo . paragraphs . style . yml;

The structure of the YAML configuration file must have predefined structure, which contains title, description and CSS libraries to be used to exact style. The definition key "permission" is optional and if set to true, users must have "use {style} style" permission to be able to use it.

title: 'Name of the style'
description: 'Defines different styles for paragraphs'
 - 'General Group'
 - 'Slideshow Group'
 - 'paragraphs_collection_demo/style'
permission: true


paragraphs_collection/paragraphs_collection.api.php, line 23
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